Ground Application System

Lunar Exploration Program Ground Application System, one of the five systems in our nation’s Lunar Exploration Program, is the channel for receiving exploration data from lunar exploration satellites, the managing center during satellite payload operation stage, the center for exploration data processing and managing, and the application and research center carrying out set scientific goals and scientific values. Its main tasks include:

(1)Formulating of exploration plan for satellite payload during orbital operation;

(2)Managing of satellite payload during orbital operation;

(3)Receiving, touch-down recording, and ground transporting of exploration data;

(4)Storing, backing-up, archiving, and publishing of scientific exploration data;

(5)Processing , interpreting, application, and research of scientific exploration data;

(6)Popularization  and propagation of lunar exploration science.

     Ground Application System is consisted of the Ground Application System Headquarter and two data receiving ground stations: Beijing Miyun 50 m antenna and Yunnan Kunming 40 m antenna. Lunar Exploration Program Stage One Ground Application System includes five subsystems: Operation Management, Data Receiving, Data Pre-processing, Data Management, and Scientific Application and Research, while in Lunar Exploration Program Stage Two two additional subsystems were added: Remote Scientific Exploration, and Communication and Network.