Lunar and Deep Space Exploration
Introduction to the Department

Lunar and Planetary Research Department(LPRD) belongings to National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences , formerly known as Lunar and Planetary Research Center (LPRC), Center was established in November 22, 2003.Since March 15, 2011, Lunar and Planetary Research Center was renamed Lunar and Planetary Research Department.


Lunar and Planetary Research Department is a scientific and technical support institution that focuses on the scientific goals and research of lunar and planetary exploration, with the tasks of Ground Application System R&D, construction, and management. It consists of three parts: Beijing Headquarter, Miyun Station, and Kunming Station.

Based on the R&S and construction of Ground Research and Application System (GRAS), China Lunar Exploration Program (CLEP), LPRD has developed into a  comprehensive research institute that integrates basic and applied basic research, aerospace model task research, technical support, and mission management. Currently, LPRD has permanent staff of about 70 members and about 30 contracted members.

Research the main support unit